Sunday, 10 February 2013

Our lakes weekend..... Day 2

After our walk around the Fairfield Horseshoe, we stayed in Ulverston at our friends house, Dawn. Sharon had a night in with her friends, I enjoyed the cider in the local! The following day Sharon and the girls were off walking up Holme Fell, another new Wainwright  for her, whilst I was off see Cathedral Cave, something  I had not seen before with Dawns boyfriend Don. Then we met the girls back at Hodge Close Quarry at lunch time, and the four of us went across to Tarn Hows, and walked up Black Fell, yet another new Wainwright for Sharon. It was a great day, we both really enjoyed the wander around Tarn Hows, and onto Black Fell, its only a relatively small one but it has magnificent views. And the highlight of the day was seeing an Otter on the way back.

On the way to Hodge Close, we stopped at Torver to take some snaps across Kelly Hall tarn, and the great view to the Coniston fells.

_DSC7256 - Copy

_DSC7279 - Copy

The Old Man of Coniston

_DSC7282 - Copy

Dow Crag

_DSC7296 - Copy

Wetherlam from the Hodge Close Quarry car park

_DSC7297 - Copy

The Langdales from the walk to Cathedral Cave

_DSC7299 - Copy

Bowfell in the distance

_DSC7306 - Copy

and a zoomed in shot

_DSC7307 - Copy


_DSC7309 - Copy

A few shots from inside Cathedral Cave, an amazing large cavern

_DSC7336 - Copy

_DSC7354 - Copy

Don and his dog .... Buddy give it some scale

_DSC7363 - Copy


Then a quick stop at Slaters Bridge, a beautiful old pack horse bridge



The very scenic Tarn Hows


Holly... at that moment when she realsies...... WATER!!!


And she was in, tail going like an outboard motor


Lovely light around the tarns in the afternoon sun





The walk up to Black Fell, far right


looking back to Tarn Hows and Coniston water beyond


Sharon on top of Black Crag


The two of us x


Sharon and Holly


Bowfell and Crinkle Crags


Lake Windermere




The Fairfield Horseshoe we had walked the previous day


The second summit cairn on Black Fell


The sun starts to set on our return


The light goes at Tarn Hows


Holly with one of her usual small sticks!


and just about to whack us around the back of the legs.....again!! ( photo courtesy of Don)


A moment of magic when I noticed ripples at the tarn side, and up popped an Otter, got as near as I could but didnt have my long lens with me, so had to settle for a poor , grainy record shot


The end of a great day as the sun sets behind the trees




  1. Looks like an amazing time was had and some great photos. Very envious of you guys seeing an otter....never seen one in the wild over here!

  2. Excellent illustrations of some amazing Lakeland scenery ending with the sight of an Otter....WOW!

  3. Lordy, what gorgeous pictures. Thanks for the eye candy.