Friday, 8 March 2013

Mount Snowdon

Not the ideal day to walk up Snowdon on a Saturday, but the weather forecast was superb and were better to be than at the top of the highest in the UK outside of Scotland..... even though the top was full of idiots in tracksuits and trainers, slipping and sliding on the icy compacted snow that covered the upper slopes. It never ceases to amaze me how some people walk to these high places so obviously under equipped and then wonder how accidents happen and Mountain rescue are needed to get them off the mountain.
Anyway rant over... back to the walk. It was a beautiful morning when we set off from Pen Y Pass, heading up the Miners Track to ascend Snowdon, and we came back down the Watkin Path and back over Y Lliwedd, eventually dropping back down onto the Miners Track. It was a great walk, always tough because of the rocky terrain, but very enjoyable with great views.... hope you enjoy the photos.

Sharon as we start our ascent on the Miners Track


First views of Snowdon from the Miners Track


Two thirds of the Snowdon Horseshoe.... Snowdon and Y Lliwedd



Looking back south


Snowdon across Llyn Llydaw


very iced over!


Snowdon nicely reflected in the one bit that hadn't iced over


Further round where the ice hadn't formed Holly was soon in



Crib Goch .... doesn't look half as imposing from this angle


Our route back down was over Y Lliwedd


getting nearer!


The Miners Track





Snowdon above Glaslyn


An ice skating gull on Glaslyn



Holly tries out the ice


The three of us at Glaslyn

getting nearer the summit


and the view back down our ascent


Crib Goch


On Snowdon's summit

Sharon taking a picture of me taking a picture

Ravens on the top of Snowdon



Starting the climb up onto Y Lliwedd


Looking back to Snowdon and its South Ridge


Looking across to Crib Goch

Holly looking beautiful in the afternoon sun


looking across to Yr Aran


Crib Goch


Looking across to the Glyders


Moel Siabod