Friday, 23 November 2012

Aber Falls, Carneddau Ponies and Moel Wnion

Todays walk should have been onto Snowdon, but as the forecast was a lot better for the east, plus it took a bit of time to get going this morning and the obligatory stop at McDonalds for breakfast meant a later start, so we decided to head for Aber. The heavy rain yesterday will have meant the waterfalls would be spectacular, and we were not disappointed. Abergwyngregyn is just off the A55 opposite Anglesey, and its a lovely little village that leads you to the car park for the Falls. We had Holly, the water dog with us today, but the river was so swollen and fast flowing even she thought twice about going in.
Its a lovely walk down to the big waterfall, and it could be heard some distance off, and as we got under it, it was like standing in the shower.

A bit further down the path we came across the first of many Carneddau ponies that we would see on the walk, they are beautiful rugged ponies, that are normally quite shy, but this group were quite tame, and even followed us as we left them.

to Carneddau Ponies website


Sharon and Holly on the top of Gyrn, a new top for us both

And on the top of Moel Wnion

You looking at me !!!

Our lunch time view down the coast

and across Lafan Sands to Puffin Island

Although not our planned walk for today, it was a real enjoyable one in a part of the Carneddau that neither of us had walked. And after dropping back into Aber we had a lovely coffee, or should I say I did, Sharon enjoyed her cup of hot water!!, at the Hen Felin Cafe


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    1. thank you Mira for leaving the very first comment on our new blog! Hope you enjoy stopping by from time to time

  2. Hey, looking good Gary....A great team!

    1. good of you to stop by Pete, hoping to get out again tomorrow if I can shake off this annoying cough and cold!

  3. Luverly Jubbly! Great idea for a walking blog.

    1. Hi Roy, it seemed the obvious thing to do instead of duplicating everything on our other blogs, keep the walking stuff separate here!

  4. Stunning pictures and I feel quite exhausted now having walked all those miles (from the comfort of my chair)!!
    Hope you shift the cough/cold soon ... mine hung around for a month which was pretty miserable but 'there's a lot of it about as I keep hearing'

    Look forward to seeing more posts soon